3Dmax Files

Hi all,
I want to import a 3Dmax object into my OpenGL enviroment but I dont know how can I extract datas from it. My usuall object reads data from a text file that I’ve made it. therefore I need to read vetex and surface datas from 3dmax and write them into my own texxt file.
Is there any way to do it?

thanks a lot

in C - fread(), fwrite()
in C++ - fstreams
read up on the 3DS file format here .

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3DS is NOT RAW !!! 3Ds is subdivided in chunks which hold info about the stuff they hold ex Viewports, Camera, Lights, Textures, Vertex, etc …

Its similar to the way you load BMP files… First you read BMP files headers, and then data…

there are many examples of reading 3ds… Just search opengl websites such as GameDev, and you can download and look at the code to load up 3Ds

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I have an article “How to load 3ds MAX models to ya program” ! Included animation (frames). It use a MAX-script to convert a 3ds file. It’s for Delphi

You can export them to .ase or (for non -uv mapping objects) .asc

and if you want i can e-mail my ase2txt.exe and asc2txt.exe programs (i am not at home right now)
e-mail me ramazan_dincer@yahoo.com if you want