.3dm models

can someone please explain to me what is a .3dm model? how do i open them? how can i incorporate them into a game?


At least 3 different file formats may be represented with file with extention “3dm”: take a look here Which from that, or maybe another one you bear in mind?

3dm is a file that is used by Rhinoceros program. Rhinoceros is a superb (i think so anyway and I am not an employee of the company by the way) CAD package. If you want to download and evaluation copy go to www.rhino3d.com.

Can I use a Rhino 3dm model in a project?

What do you mean by project?. If it is a commercial project then you would need to purchase it because the evaluation copy only allows you to save up to 25 times.

i dont think you know what i mean. i am trying to make a game. i want to know how to make a model. i have no problems with 3d worlds or texturing but the one thing i dont know how to do is making models of weapons, people ect. How can i use a 3dm model made with rhino in my game?

Do you have to use .3dm models?

Wings3D (www.wings3d.com) is an excellent open-source 3D modelling app that exports to multipile types.
I have often used rwx - I don’t know what the real specs for the format are but it stores in a plain text file and is pretty easy to figure out.