3dfx OpenGL problems

As you may have noticed, in most of the games, you can select between Default OpenGL Driver or 3dfx OpenGL Driver. I´ve got a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI with the latest drivers + OpenGL with the latest version. But when I select 3dfx OpenGL Driver and click “apply for changes” the game tells me like:
" Your videocard doesn´t support this mode. You must have a 3dfx card…bla…bla"

But what the heck, I´ve got a 3dfx card? Can somebody please help me?

It was a mode for the older Voodoo1/2. Those cards didn’t have a full OpenGL driver, they had some sort of mini driver at the time.
Your Voodoo3 has a full opengl driver and should work with default OpenGL perfectly, as long as you have your desktop color depth set to 16bits.

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