3Dfx OpenGL and Mesa DirectX OpenGL implementations

Hi all,

I’m developping at the moment a 3D game under OpenGL and I’m using my 3Dfx Voodoo 2 card to test it. While using this card, after sometime the entire system slows down (I have no idea why??) and then it recovers by itself. When I test this game with a Mesa-3.0 DirectX 6 Driver of altsoftware (http://www.altsoftware.com) I don’t get this slowdown of the system.
In this game I use:

-2D Texturing (64x64)
-Alpha Blending
-Win32 to create an OpenGL rendering context
-material color tracking
(and the rest of the usual stuff )

Anybody any clues?

Thanx in advance,

Daniel Palomo van Es

Could be some memory useage issue. How many textures?

Are you using the bind texture calls?

I use about 16 textures, of a total size of 733kb. I use glBind commands and also manage all the textures quite well. I mean, I allocate them and when the program stops or I don’t need them, I destroy them.