3dfx Logo (How do I get rid of it)

OK, the first time I saw it I thought, cool - I have the right driver.

I have now seen it around 1000 times, how do I turn off the 3dfx logo which appears when the driver starts up.

I tried emailing the 3dfx developer help and even though they say “We want to help you” on their Web page they didn’t bother replying. I have read, and heard, that there is an environment variable you set but I haven’t been able to find out exactly what that variable is.


Scott S.

the software that comes with your video card includes a program (or maybe a folder?) named TOOLS. If it’s not there, then you must have passed up installing it when you were installing the drivers from CD (assuming that’s where you got the drivers). If that’s the case, search the CD for the program (again, I think it’s just called tools). It has some options and preferences you can set and one of them is turning off that logo. It’s annoying when you’re trying to test a 3D fullscreen app and you have to keep running the program every couple of minutes or so after making changes to your code. I had the same problem.

Just before you create you main window
add this code.

HMODULE glide;


glide = GetModuleHandle(“glide3x.dll”);// “glide2x.dll”

if(glide) { FreeLibrary(glide); LoadLibrary(“glide3x.dll”); } // “glide2x.dll”


Thanks for that.