3Dfx GlideSDK 2.3 - 2.51

I try to build Mesa3D 3.4 with 3Dfx Support under Win32 (Voodoo3 3000 & Win98). This requires a Glide SDK v. 2.4 - 2.51.

After i’d scanned the whole net, i found only a GlideSDK v. 3.0. The problem is, this version is too high for the “newest” available Mesa 3Dfx driver.

Now i give up and ask:
Can anybody send me the glide sdk v2.3 - v.51 (just one of them) please?
Maybe in exchange for my 3.0 sdk
And please dont answer with the links www.3dfx.com or www.x3dfx.com, i can’t see them for the rest of the year because of all this search engines.

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If you do not get any replies do I think it is because people are reading the subject and think that it has nothing to do with OpenGL. Or perhaps are everybody using the Microsoft implementation.

maybe this is really the reason.
i’ll try a new topic and scream for help, seems to be a good solution…