3dfx drivers on windows XP

As some may know there is a new OS, windows XP. Also, It seems 3dfx has had some business problems and there probably will not be any further releases of open GL for 3dfx cards.

I am running an evaluation version of windows XP. In comparison with windows 98 it is quicker and more stable. Windows XP is generally better from a performance/ stability standpoint; however, when it comes to compatability- there are serious issues. Because it is so new and not available on the market, the best way for microsoft to test the product is to release it for evaluation by normal people like me who have the courage and the pure stupidity to press on through the compatability issues, so that future windows XP users will have the availability of such knowledge in order to run either fully compatable windows XP or fully compatable drivers. Right now I am running a 3dfx driver somehow which works on some things but not in others.

Hard Truck 2- works fine
Quake 3- does not work
Serious Sam- does not work

Quake 3 and Serious Sam probably have simular open gl requirements which explains why they are both not working.

Hard Truck 2- definitely uses an open gl or 3dfx driver. It runs faster now than it did on windows 98. Personally I am confused in the matter- A quick review of the game. It is a continuous driving game where you drive a truck to deliver goods and attempt to start your own trucking business in order to monopolize the delivery market. You have a pager, theres police, theres mafia, theres helicopters, theres a very wonderful lighting system where it goes from day to night, the cars and trucks have headlights that use simular lighting to the headlights in the game driver, you also get high beams. The world in the game is very large, it really seems like it takes forever to get from one place to another. It is a mountainous region, it storms, snows, with lighting and thunder. The graphics are amazing and the effects are amazing too. Water builds up on the winshield- just like real rain on a real winshield. The water builds up on the ground and the ground is reflective. I just don’t understand why if this game works- serious sam and quake 3 will not.

And if I try to reinstall latest 3dfx tools and driver it wont’ work.
If i try glsetup it says it only supports windows 95 and 98. Oh and then it says that they are still working on windows 2000 drivers! What about windows XP that is comming out in a few months are we going to have to wait until they upgrade the glsetup for the next two windows operating systems before we can play games!

I have had windows 98 for long enough ok. I’m sick and tired of windows 98. I don’t want to go back to windows 98. Windows 98 is the epitome of what we could accomplish in one decade… Its like these programs are so outdated that they want us to use something from before the year 2000- well my friend the Y2K bug is more than just on your clock, it is at the internal core of the operating system. The Y2K bug is every single bug that I have to deal with in order to fully use a computer that was completely designed in every way, hardware and software, in a year after the year 2000. And its not that tough to fix these problems either usually- infact starting from scratch for an OS like windows XP should be alot easier than starting from scratch on 98.

Heres an example

My DSL service software would not work. So what I do is I try different methods of installation which fails of course. So I contact my verizon support line and they tell me to switch back to windows 98. I say nope I’m not going to. Then they said, “we will give you no further support on the issue.” So I go into network setup in Windows XP. I think I clicked my mouse 4 times. Selected broadband DSL, PPP protocal, entered my name and password and am now getting downloads at 90k as opposed to 80k. The point is that with windows 98, I had to jump through hoops to get DSL to even work in the first place. I had to have like 8 different things setup- I had to run this big installation process for winpoet, and finally it would work at a slower speed using more programs. With this its already practically setup and it takes up alot less of my computers resources.

If anybody knows anything about finding 3rd party drivers for 3dfx, Wicked GL is one supporting 3rd party; however they only support minigl drivers, please reply. Any advice, please reply. Heck reply if you have anything to say on the matter.