3D Viewer in HTML

Hey everybody,

I am french automation engineer and I am working with WinCC Unified.
I need to implement 3D viewer in my panel and i saw this video : youtube .com/watch?v=kublRiAQnao&t=6s
It what I want. I sent some message, mails to the author of the video without response.

I saw at 1min 38sec he uses Khrono glTF Ble… Did you have any idea what is it and how he implementated it in WinCC Unified ?

WinCC Unified have a tool “Custom Web Control” wich work with html and Java.

If you know something about this contact me :slight_smile:

glTF is a file format specification … just google it

with it, you can just load/save files in a program … what this program does with it, i up to you

it has nothing to do with rendering / getting someting on screen, though … thats what opengl is for. but there should be simpler ways to get something “on screen” that using opengl to write you own renderer

looking at this topic’s name, you might want to check what “webGL” is