3D texturing


I am very very new to OpenGL programming. The thing is, I am not even using OpenGl at the moment. But I am using Java 3D to come up with a 3D image of the brain. I heard that Java 3D does 3d texturing based on the OpenGl methods. So I figured I could ask a few questions here.

I have 2D magnetic resonance images of the brain. I need to be able to stack those images together and come up with a 3D image. This is the idea I have so far on how I can do it.

I have to create a cube for each 2D image and apply that texture image to the cube. Then I should stack the cubes on top of each other, and I have a 3d image. Is this the way?

Thanks in advance

Hi !

Java3D is at a higher level then OpenGL, it is also not OpenGL spcific in any way, it works with both OpenGL and Direct3D so a solution for OpenGL will not work with Java3D.

I have not used Java3D enough to be able to help you, but I would suggest that you post a message at the Java3D news group or at Suns Java Developer Forum:


I posted a message on Java 3D Interest Group. I was told that Java 3D’s 3D texture mapping can be mapped directly onto OpenGL’s view of 3D texture mapping.

I am just confused on how 3D texturing is done. If I have 2D images, how am to use them to create a 3D image?

Hi !

Ok, I don’t know much about it, but have a look at:

Section 5.12

and also:

I am not sure if this might help you, I just grabbed it after a quick search on goole.