3D Textures

Does anybody know a good OpenGL card (for PC) that supports 3D Textures? I have looked at 3DLabs Oxygen series but they seem to sacrifice geometry acceleration for supporting 3D Textures (thats what their readme file says anyway…)

As far as I know, not many (if any) game/entertainment accelerators support hardwareacceleraded 3D textures. Only professional cards (cards noone can afford to buy ) supports 3D texture in hardware. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m not sure, but in Technical Specifications for all Oxigen cards based on GLINT R3 you can see this:

“OpenGL 1.1 ICD (1.2 Ready)”
“Volumetric rendering with up to 8-way filtering”
( == 3D textures with linear filtering)
“Complete OpenGL 1.2 functionality in hardware”
(- and this one even for Permedia3)

From About OpenGL 1.2 :

The following features must be supported by all 1.2 implementations.
• Three-dimensional texturing

Bob and Serge, you are both right.

There are certainly no low end cards out there that supports 3D Texturing, but I’m actually looking for a high performance card that do support this.

Serge, I remember reading this too. I have an Oxygen VX1 installed right now and that does not export GL_EXT_texture3D. My ICD also says that the OpenGL version is 1.1.26 (Is that what they mean with ‘1.2 Ready’ ?..)

I have to admit that I’m not running the latest driver though (it refused to install on my system). In the docs for the (latest) driver there is an option to export 3D texture functionality but that will disable geometry acceleration, and that isn’t good enough.

The Oxygen cards seems promising but (in my case) fails to deliver…

Any other suggestions?

You can look at Viewperf results .

Actually, you need Raw Log Files - thay contents string of supported OpenGL extensions.

( For exemple: Wildcat 4210 )

I have found, that GL_EXT_texture3D is available on:

Oxygen VX1
Fire GL1
Wildcat 4110/4210
HP Visualize fx4/fx6

I have an OxygenGVX1. It reports the 3D texture extension … Colud anybody tell me how to get the header files for C to utilize this extension ?

There is one consumer level card that supports 3d textures: Ati Radeon.