3D Textures and Multitexturing


Has anyone of you gotten 3d textures and multitexturing to work? In 2d it’s fine, in 3d it doesn’t work. :frowning:
Anyone any idea? Thanks so much!


In 2d it’s fine, in 3d it doesn’t work

You mean ARB_multitexture works with 2d textures but not 3d right ?

First of…this is more a generic ogl question - not linux one.
Second. What gfx board.
I heard that ATI boards use two texturing units for a 3d texture, and nvidia boards ( that support it ) use only one ( as it should be ).
And in what way are you using 3d textures ? Core ogl1.2 or EXT_texture_3d extension ?
If you’re using the core ogl1.2 functionality check if your gfx board has HW 3d textures … if not then thiss will be done in software and then there could be problems.


Thanks for your answer. My system is Suse8 with a GeForce4TI 4600 and with the newest driver frim nvidia. And yes it works with the multitexture extensions in 2d but not in 3D. I can load both textures, but after enabling the second texture unit, the screen is black… :frowning:
I use opengl 1.3 with the 3d texture extension and the board supprts HW 3d textures. It’s pretty fast with one…

How big are the textures you are loading?

The two textures I want to use with multitexturing have always the same size, but I use different data sets like 64^3 or 256x256x128…
I load them all using glTexImage3D and there are all GL_RGBA…


Hmm…does 3d texture works coectly without multitexturing ? Maybe it’s loaded incorectly ?
Does gl gives any error messages ?

Nope. No error messages and it works perfectly with one 3d texture…


There are no problems with using multiple 3D textures on NVIDIA hardware (GeForce3+). Perhaps you could send a code snip so that we can have a look at your code…

– Niels

Sorry, was pretty busy today…
I’ve setup a small webpage with the code on it. It might not have all fit in here…
Here it is: http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~niklas/personal/tex3d.html

If you have any idea what I am doing wrong…that would be great. Thanks for your time!


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