3D texture

I’m trying to make a little app that uses 3d textures. I’m using the glTexImage3D(); function to setup the texture, but when I try to compile, I get an error saying that it is an “undeclared identifier”. I have linked in glext.h for the “GL_TEXTURE_3D” to work. But I have no idea of how to make the glTexImage3D(); compile. Everything else is setup correctly I think, and I am using opengl 1.4.0

Does anyone have a solution to my undeclared identifier problem?


Please excuse my assuming things, but I guess you’re using Windows. If not, please ignore me.
If you are on windows, although your driver supports OpenGL1.4, you can only access features of OpenGL 1.1. You need to use wglGetProcAddress for each extension function or later core function you want. But, to save you the trouble, there is a library which easily sets up OpenGL1.4 properly here:

Okay I see. You are right, I’m using windows.

And I know how to use extensions, so maybe you know what extension that I’m suppose to initialize…


There was GL_EXT_texture3D, but 3D textures are OpenGL core functionality in the meantime, only that Microsft chose to stay at OpenGL 1.1 with the OpenGL32.dll.
Even if it’s a core function, if it’s not in Microsoft’s interface it needs to be fetched with wglGetProcAddress.