3D Texture error on ATI

I’m experiencing an issues in regards to upload a 3D texture on ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 32 MB RAM.

The first issues is that the depth is not allowed to be 7 has to 8, which is ok on my NVIdia FX 5950, but not on the ATI card. Why the difference?

The other issues I’m experiencing is that when I upload with a depth of either 4 or 8 and 64x64 dimension in RGB it works fine unless I use mipmapping, then I get an OpenGL error when uploading?

Any one know why that is? and why it’s only on my ATI card and not on NVidia?

The 7 vs 8 is obviously that texture must be powers of two. Don’t know about the other issue, could you post the code snippet where you’re uploading it?

What do you use to create the mipmaps? Automatic mipmap generation, or manual mipmap generation?

I once made the error to use gluBuild2DMipmaps, which is obviously wrong.