3D text rendering

Hi all,

I’m trying to render 3D text.
I know it isn’t easy to do so with other language(not English).

Could anybody help me?
Thanks in advance.


  1. Do some research.
  2. Search the beginner forum, this has been discussed before.

Hi !

If speed isn’t critical, and if you’re running under windows, you could use wglUseFontOutlines. It works with any TrueType font.

Hope that helps

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Hello hanuni!

Your question is actually very simple and could better be asked in the beginners forum.

As for the question itself, I’ll give you a small push in the right direction:

It’s there under one of the tutorial sections.

Bye, and have a good day.

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Oopsy, I almost forgot that you wanted to render unicode fonts
(afaik you’ll need unicode fonts for languages like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc)

FreeType is thé library for you when using unicode fonts.


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