3D tennis ball needed

I’m writing a program that has a 3D sports balls in it for research into hand/eye coordination skills. I’ve used the glm.c file to import an .obj file for the soccerball that was available from Nate Robbins demos, and now need to get a .obj model of a 3D tennisball, preferably with materials and texture.

anyone out there have a good model for a tennisball that can be imported into OpenGL and will work ok?

I’ve bought a model tennisball from turbo squid, but can’t get it to display the materials (it displays as a white object), and I’m not a good enough programmer to know how to tackle this one. Any hints would be appreciated though.


This is really the wrong forum for this question. Things related to art files/formats have nothing to do with opengl.

Try http://www.wotsit.org/ if you are having trouble with a particular file format.