3D surface

I want to display a 3D surface.
I am actually running small(simulation) program to obtain the x,y,z co-ordinates.
The variation in the z values is very small
I want to display this surface. I am still in the learning process of OpenGL,hence I would like to know whether there are any freewere available which can display 3D surface…especially …using the x,y,z co-ordinate format.

Thanks in advance


What exactly do you want to do? Just display your xyz Vertices or a polygon connecting all xyz-tuples??


A polygon connecting the Z values


freeware? Whats wrong with opengl?

Is the (xyz) data spaced in an xy grid? if that’s the case, then creating triangle strips from the data should be fairly straightforward.
Do you have any experience writing programs for OpenGL, or are you looking for a shelfware solution?