3D Surface Triangulation

I’m working on a program that contructs a 3D tetrahedral mesh that conforms to delunay triangulation. We pass in 3D surfaces already specified by a triangulation and going from there work until the triangulation conforms to a metric that is passed in seperatly (size of the triangles/tetrahedra). We have decided to do the surface meshing externally and pass in the points to the program and check afterwards to make sure the connectivity adheres to our surface. I was wondering if there were functions within OpenGL that would perform the surface triangulation according to a metric. I’m also considering the GTS library off of sourceforge but OpenGL is much better documented and I would like some of the visualization capabilities with OpenGL.


I’m guessing you mean Delaunay triangulation… and no, there wouldn’t be any inherent OpenGL behavior to do what you want. You’d have to implement that yourself or use that library (or code someone else has written).

delauney algorithms are good for non-realtime triangulation, but OpenGL has usually been used strictly for a time now. There are now mesh operations on some cards, but you pass the information and they do with what they wish, no choices. I would suggest you also consider realtime alternatives to delauney like ROAM and quadtree (and both of their variants). Check out www.vterrain.org for some implementation of landscape algorithms for opengl.