3D Surface Graph

Anyone have any experience in drawing a 3D surface graph, like in Excel. It shows trends in values across 2 dimensions in a continuous curve. Im quite new to openGL and do not know how best to proceed. Any hints or links or anything else would be appreciated.

Well, you mean something like a terrain? You can create a heightmap, create a mesh by many triangles (each two form a quad in the heightmap, which is a rectangle). Then, you can add smoothing data and smooth that out. If you however need to create that curved data yourself, I don’t know how to do that.

Ill try and explain…A contour would be this 3d surface graph from above. If you have excel, you can open it up and enter some dummy data; at least 2 series. Then chart it with a surface type. What i would like to render is similar to this. Hard to explain in words. Each series is mapped out horizontally on the graph; with increasing values of each series climbing the y-axis. At different heights, colours represent specific ranges. So that in the end, depending on data of course, you have shapes of colours on top of each other.
After re-reading this i dont even follow…

You could mail me an excel example file!