3D Studio Max

Can I somehow get a 3D Studio Max to OpenGL converter?

I don’t think so as there is no OpenGL format !
You should try to make an ASE parser for your program (that’s what I did and it took me less than 2 days !).
When doing that, you can access all informations created by 3DS Max and use them within your program…


Why don´t build a 3DS-Loader ? Search the web for definitions of the 3DS-format. It includes all necessary data, for reconstructing the scene, you made with 3DSMax. A long time ago, i stand in front of the same problem, i wrote an 3DS-importer for my 3D-engine. And it works - but mmh, some texturing bugs are still included.
I send you an email with definitions of the 3DS format, you should recieve it this day !

UH, i see: YOU HAVE NO EMAIL ! that´s bad for you.

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Fortunly i have rescued the David Farrell 3dsview (unfortunly i can’t find the code), and it exports it to full opengl code, e-mail me and i can send the exe to you

you´d like to use a 3DS or MAX-model converted to OpenGL-Code ??( i think, you are talking of display lists, or not)
I think, you can do this with little models,
let us say,mmh, up to 100 polys.
But if you do this with a lot of models,
with each more of 500 polys - UH, i don´t
want to know the size of the source-file (.cpp-file)
Do you use this technique often ? Tell my why ? I´m loading 3DS-models with my own 3DS-loader and it the best way i know !
But with display-lists ? Huh…

Hi DJSnow , the 3DSView is not that bad and it seems you haven’t used it, 'couse it doesn’t make a .cpp file, and no i don’t use it very often, just for joy, the models i’ve used (all of them) are from http://www.swma.net So i invite everybody to look these models and if you are using more complex models, and you think the 3dsView doesn’t fill you up, you may contact DJSnow, and use his especification, and by the way DJSnow could you send me those, i might someday have to implement a 3ds exporter and it could be a very good thing to consult.


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