3d Studio Max R3 wanted

Since realease 4 is out for 3d studio i was wondering if i could buy/resive a copy. I am 15 years old am really interested in game programming and my parents dont wont much to do with it and deffinitaly dont want to pay 5000 + for a peice of software.
any help is appreciated.
Matthew Morrison
exscuse the spelling thease mid term exams are killing me.

Send me mail affinematrix@miesto.sk.
It’s not legal way , but usable.
3D Studio Max R3

Sheesh. You do NOT need a high end application to do game programming. Get milkshape3D. (or some other free/share ware stuff).

You will find out that you’ll have to write plugins or your own modelers or model-extenders for your engine anyway. I tend to have these little editors inengine (well, rather inwindow system), however john carmack sais it would be bad…what a pitty.

Ya actually i was looking into milkshape very much i wnted to see what would happened if i asked for it.

thanks for the help