3D Studio Max 4 Models

Is there anything available on internet which will load models made with 3ds 4. If not does anyone know how do i load them…


You could export them to the 3DS fileformat and load them into your program with Lib3DS or by creating your own 3DS loading function(s) (documents about the 3DS format are available @ http://www.wotsit.org )

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K thx a lot. I will try that out

Is there any way to get the special flags of objects exported? I mean, for every object there are preferences, and there’s a text box for user preferences. I’d like to get them exported as well, but 3ds fileformat doesn’t provide that functionality. Any ideas?

Well, the only thing I can think of right now is to create another exporter which does basically the same as the normal 3DS exporter but adds some extra steps for exporting those special flags to a seperate file (same filename, other extension)

Yes, might be an option. Good thing is, that the 3ds exporter is within the SDK with source. So I could just add that. Thanks!