3D Studio ascii models

Are there any publically available libraries for handling the importation of .asc model descriptions and flopping them into like a GL display list or something similar? I’m wanting to work with a model that would be fairly complex to wrte out by hand in the source… and I only have Truespace v1.1 for a somewhat dcent modeler, but it can export to .asc!!

Couldn’t you rather use .ase ? It’s more widely used. There was a “news” some weeks ago on the main page of opengl.org about a free ASE loader+library… You could search it…


There is a GNU LGPL project called lib3DS.
But i think it could read only *.3DS and *.ASE, but not *.asc.

otherwise, the best way is to make your own reader !

bah, I was afraid i’d have to do that. I also need to find a decent mesh modeler… everything I’ve found so far has a heavy dependence on building objects with primitives rather than points and triangles. Don’t have cash for 3d Studio and really don’t want to pirate… know of any goodies? I’ll hit up GNU for a good modeler (would rock if I could find one for UNIX).