3D Sculpting


Can anyone Help me how to create 3d Sculpting App with OpenGL or give Me OpenGL API for 3d Sculpting > Please ?


Please stop posting the same thread over and over again. People aren’t answering you because your question is simply too broad; asking it again won’t make it less broad. It’s like asking how to make Blender3D or something; anything anyone would tell you would be maybe a summary of how to go about it. It wouldn’t be helpful to someone just starting out.

If you just started learning OpenGL 2 months ago, making a “3d Sculpting App” is simply not going to happen. It is beyond your abilities. Just like if you started learning how to sculpt actual marble 2 months ago, you’re not making Michelangelo’s David.

You don’t just download some library and boom: you have a modelling application. It takes years to write applications like that. Programming is hard.

Also, please stop using bold-face; it’s really irritating. Your posts are not more important than other people’s.