3D scenery ques.

1.My 3d scenery is looking very bad when zoomed out .Polygons is like loosing contour sharpness.
Sometimes even part of them is disappearing I’m limited to use OP GL version 1.1
Can I do something to make the scene look better while zooming out?
I saw some similar applications, they are just not allowing to zoom out too much.
I’m using glHint(GL_PERSPECTIVE_CORRECTION_HINT,GL_NICEST); (but it seems not enough…)

  1. To draw different objects in high quality ( like cellular antennas etc.) in 3d scene (landscape or city scenery), I’m thinking to use object photos as textures ,so background of these images must be made transparent. As far as I know the simplest way to do it is using TGA format images with alpha channel. Am I right? Is there any alternative way to do it? My limitation is Borland builder 5.5

Many Thanks

Has your question something about this thread ?


Try to look at this:


Still actual.
glTranslate (-0.5…) is not helping here
What i need is to do antialiasing while zooming out,because auto antialiasing in version 1.1 is not working on colored background.
How to do it for involved sceneries?

  1. Thanks .It was exactly what I needed.