3d network visualization

Can anyone please suggest any examples that would show how to take data from a spreadsheet or text file and create a 3d network based on that data where the distance between nodes would represent similarities between data? Is this even possible?

For example: given a spreadsheet/text file of ~1000 incidents w/ 5 columns of attributes for each incident. I’m thinking along the lines of being able to display based on column 2 or column 3, or being able to edit the influence that a column would have on the display.


You are trying to deal with some graph/info visualization.

Take a look at ParaView and notably the Overview application:



Note: ParaView and Overview are based on VTK which has an InfoVis package.


Thank you. I was aware of VTK but not Paraview/Overview. I appreciate the knowledge.

OpenDX is another one a like alot. Very powerful.

Whereas with VTK you wire processing modules up with code, with OpenDX you wire them up by connecting processing modules in a GUI using dataflow links. Typically no code required to generate 3D visualizations – just drag and drop processing modules into a GUI.

IBM used to sell this for major $$$$s, but released it into the open source world a while back. Free download with source, tutorials, and docs.