3D movement implementation

Recently, I have inquired about Loading models, and converters for models. Well Recently, I have found a model loader (.ASE).

Over at http://www.gametutorials.com

or a directlink:

I am working with the .ASE loader.

I have been tryign to implement a 3d movement system, with arrow keys, IE:

blah math

But my problem is that I cannot get it to stop after I let go of the key, I think it is because it is being put into the CASE: statements in the Main.cpp file of the loader, anyone who has worked with this, do you have any suggestions / files / ideas that would help me?



I don’t know if this will be of use to you but have you tried looking at the tutorials at nehe.gamedev.net? a few of the early lessons on spinning cubes might be useful to you as with them the user can turn lights on and off by pressing ‘L’. The program has to make sure that the L button isn’t being held down or has been let go otherwise the light might continue to turn off and on.