3d moon orbiting the planet

I am writing a small prgram that a palent orbiting the sun and teh moon orbiting the planet. when I run the progrma i press a key to make the planet orbiting. what I need is that as soon as the program is executed the orbiting should start.
could you help? pelase.
thanks in advance.

Are you asking how to make the planet and moon orbit or something else?

I did a fully featured solar system once for a game, with moons and planets, all with (semi) accurate topological data.

mail me some more specific questions if you like.


i think you mean that you wnat it to move without pressing a key??
you need to remove the for loop from the display function (if you are using one). make any variables global not local in the display function.
then put glIdleFunc(Display);
in the main function. this should work.
if not then you will have to show a copy of you code.


I think you mean glutIdleFunc(display);
use this, if you use GLUT. if you are coding direct with mfc, you have to overload the OnIdle() func with a display(); call.