3D models, math behind

So far the two models that I’ve tried to make with a tutorial on the internet are md2 and md5. But honestly, I didn’t understand the math behind them. What I know is that:
MD2 uses linear interpolation and
MD5 uses Quaternions Spherical linear interpolation

My question is, on what level of math do I need to fully understand on how they bring to life. Currently, I’m studying Linear Algebra and Calculus 3 on my own.

Thank you very much

You just have to look-up the net for 2 things: lerp and quats. Copy code that calculates them; make some test-cases where with printf/whatever you output the results (study by observation); use in your projects.
Of course, if you need to understand quats better, (lerp is simplistic) just read the first few google-results on them, and the underlying maths that you might need to brush-up.

Hey I found out that interpolations are under numerical analysis which according to MIT syllabus that I need Multivariable Calculus->Differential equations->Numerical analysis

So I guess I really need to study more math I guess. My degree really sucks because it has only until Integral calculus. Currently, I’m studying Linear algebra which is quite good and I love those matrices. :smiley:

Merry Christmas everyone.