3D models in openGl

Thank you so much for ur help !!
The 3D models you mentioned are still required!.I have visited the links you refered but the problem is I cant use a 3D modelling environment, such as Maya. (My instructor doesnt want me to do that !). My job was to create a 3D building which is done Thanks God!. Now all i have to do is fill the details of that building such as tables and sofas etc. i need a c++ code for these models !!
Thanks again for ur help and time.

At the risk of sounding pious, if your instructor asked you to do it, shouldn’t you do it? What will you learn except perhaps that ctrl+c/ctrl+v is faster then going to the edit menu and selecting copy, and then going back and hitting paste.

That being said, storing data like 3D models in code is very inefficient. Unless you’re doing procedural modelling/texturing but that’s a whole other story! (OMG excuse to make expansion pack) But if it’s what you must do you can create your own models in your code by simply creating and filling vertex arrays in your drawing function or file or wherever.