3D Models and Texture Information

How come whenever you load a 3D model from a program, it never gives you texture or color information? Milkshape3D does not read texture information from .lwo or .3ds files. 3D Object Converter does not read texture information from .md2 or .lp files. These are the only file formats I can get, but it seems that these programs wouldn’t display any texture information for any modeling format. What’s more, LightWave can import .lwo objects, and it gives full texture information! What’s wrong? If anyone has any information on this, please help!

Are you sure its not just the files instead of the loaders? Some “free” models off the internet do not have texture/material info.

The Milkshape I have (1.6.5) loads 3ds files and the texture/material info just fine,unless it has too many vertices/faces (which it will tell you) but even then still loads texture/material info.

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