3D Modelling

i am trying to create a four child windows that each one shows XY, YZ, XZ, and perspective for a modelling project i am doing…is the gluLookAt all i need to use to do this? and any extended help on how to implement it would be great too, i just need help defining the viewing

use one window but use 4 different glViewpoints

is that a function?
give me an example?
i am new at this…thank u

Go with the 4 view, but for the first three views, try to turn off perspective, because who can make a precise 3D model with perspective enabled on the modeling views? Definitely not me! Then back ends would look big in the end, and would create a MASSIVE not-so-popular problem. (ie, no one would use it) Just my two bits (first one is on, the other is off, just so ya know )

You should give the user an option to view the other side in each modeling view (I have always wanted that in a modeler…) You’d still be seeing the same plane, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble. Also have a way to describe a 3D file format so that someone could use your program to read/write to ANY format. It would make for an EXCELLENT converter/editor then! I play Descent 3 a lot, and I want to make a ship MOD with a model from Descent 2… a good purpose for your editor already! And if you do a good enough job, I could even use it to do my levels!

so ok, i use orthognal views for XY, YZ, and XZ…i use one window but with 4 panes in it…now comes the fun stuff…how do i use gl to create the views of those three viewpoints. that is what i do not know…i assume for the perspective i use the perspective view, but again i am not sure i am clear on how to set that up…i have looked for stuff everywhere, but nothing that does a good job explaining…by the way…i am planning on plugins as dlls including import and export dlls so anyone could write a plugin for any kind of model or level or whatever… please help with the code part here!

You have two possibilities:

  1. With the glViewport function you specify in which part of the window you want to draw. E.g. you have a window with size x,y and a drawing function Draw() which does all
    the drawing stuff:


This sections your view into 4 views.

  1. The first option works only on one pane. For this option you make 4 panes. For each pane you make a new render context, but you share the display lists with wglShareLists(hglrc1, hglrc2). The hglrc1 is the original, the hglrc2 is the new context. So you open one original context in which you define all display lists to view. The 3 others you share the display lists with the first.

Hope that helps,


ok, i realize to setup the viewports, and that each drwing and setup of the viewports is a seperate thread, BUT could i get some help with the actual ortho and perspective functions to set that up correctly! thanks!

i’ve got some code to do this… but i’m at work. post your email address and i’ll send it to you when i get home (round 7, CST).

meanwhile, you can see a picture… =)

btw, it doesn’t model anything yet, so don’t ask. =P

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and that is EXACTLY what i am looking for! tank u sooo much!

theres my email!