3D Modelers

Where can I get some free 3D modelers? What are the best one’s out there? What format should I use for my models?

  1. Try Blender and Milkshape (do a google search).
  2. Most would say 3DS Max (non-free).
  3. It’s totally up to you, maybe VRML97, ASE.

I know how to code in VRML, but how can I use it as a modeler?

You don’t use VRML as a modeller, you export your 3D models from the 3D modelling program you use in VRML file format (or ASE, etc), then load them into OpenGL with your custom file loader.

AFAIK the VRML file format is clean and simple (and importantly ASCII) so it should be easy to write a file loader for it as long as your 3D modelling program supports exporting to VRML format.