3D Model on the Web


Can someone give me a small description of how one would manipulate an OpenGL model in a Web-Browser?

I know there are plug-ins and other software that do this, but I was wondering if there was a way to do this using JAVA applets and OpenGL.

Thanks in advance.

first of all there is no such thing as an opengl model per se (that is an object can be coded as polys, but a file format does not exist really)…

second if you want to manipulate a model in java you could use java3d, I know they have several free loaders that one may use

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You can also use GL4Java which makes an extension throug JNI So you can use simple OpnenGL-Code for displaying youf 3D-Data. It is available under http://www.jausoft.com
It is really great and a lot of Java-Apps were done with this thingy.
However, you have to install it, so you cannot use it on a browser where this one is not available. But the same it is on Java3D, which is JDK 2.0 which is not implemented the common Browsers JVM