3D Model file format

What 3d model file format I should use, it should contain at least vertices, faces, normals and uv-mapping coords (I don’t need anything else). I think that I’m wrong but there are no normals in .3ds file format???

You can calculate the vertex normals by calculating all face normals, then average them for all faces sharing each specific vertex, then normalizing (after average).

If you have 3dsMax and the SDK (expensive program!) then you can export whatever format you wish by writing your own exporter. If you’re working with something like MilkShape or any of the game editors, look into .md2 or .md3, as they are reasonably well documented, and code to read them exists on the web.


You might look into the wavefront obj format pretty well documented at


It’s all text and very readable. Plus has all the info you said you need and not too much more.


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