3D libraries???

I would like to set up a complete 3D-game-programming environment on my computer. Do I need anything other than devcpp and glut32.dll?
(I think of Freeglut, Mesa3D, GL Framework, or the official glut 3.7 release)

Thx in advance
Viktor Erdélyi

If you’re looking for something that already offers a whole bunch of functionality, you might want to have a look at an opensource engine, such as Ogre3D or Irrlicht3D. (Both on sourceforge I believe).

Either way, you may want some sound and networking support as well.

For sound, have a look at OpenAL - it’s oriented toward 3D sound although it doesn’t play music.

And what if I want to play for example MP3 files as background music?
And about Ogre3D, I get the following E R R O R :

Sorry, the page you tried to access is unavailable

DNS Name Server Is Unreachable
HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway

Your Internet access is being managed by Novell BorderManager.

Now what???

Hm. 2 minutes later it works…sorry

OpenAL’ll do music just fine.

Although I tried OpenAL for a while, I eventually decided it was actually not as intuitive to sound as OGL is to graphics, and I went back to DirectSound.

Just my root(2) cents.

And how can I use DirectSound with DevC++? I think mainly of an understandable DirectX manual…
And another stupid question: If in a given library there aren’t any makefiles for MingW, then what? How can I compile that?
And finally: can anybody mention a Glut library that WORKS with DevC++?(or maybe some installation instructions for Glut3.7 or freeglut would be also very good)

Sorry for the great number of questions but I’m still a beginner in OpenGL…
Viktor Erdélyi

well, you hould try one (or few) of those devpaks at:

devpaks.org -> OpenGL

Thanks. And something about that DirectSound?