3D Labs Oxygen VX1: Driver Question

I used to have a Diamond Stealth II S220 and now i bought a 3D Labs Oxygen VX1. With the Diamond board, i had plenty of drivers to make tests, but it seems that Oxygen is not alike. Anyone know where i can find drivers for the Oxygen? What is the best driver?

Please, and thanx to all!!!

I’m sure that the VX1 has much more up to date drivers than the S220 (which, AFAICR, is based on a Rendition chip, and Rendition has been “hibernating” for a few years now). Go to the 3Dlabs site. I’m sure you’ll find new drivers there.

Update: just did it myself. They’re at http://www.3dlabs.com/support/drivers/oxygen_vx1_and_vx116_drivers.htm

That page includes the two last versions for each OS, and from my experience, 3Dlabs is typically pretty good at keeping drivers up to date.