3D Labs no longer a partner?

I notice that 3D Labs was removed from the partners section. Any particular reason? I discovered this as I was looking for their OpenSceneGraph-Collada plugin the other day.

3DLabs is still very active as a COLLADA contributor in the Khronos working group. The forum that has been removed was the COLLADA plug-in for the OpenSceneGraph, whose author is Michael Weiblen, who used to work at 3DLabs.
Michael no longer works at 3DLabs, but at SCEA, in the same team that created COLLADA ! Michael is still maintaining the OpenSceneGraph plug-in on his free time.
Something had to be done about this forum. The goal of the partner forum is not to list all the contributor, which list would be long, but to list all the COLLADA tools, if the author/owner ask for it. In this particular case, Michael felt like the COLLADA plug-in for OpenSource did not need to be linked on collada.org, so the forum was removed.

3DLabs, or any other company / opensource project can ask us to link a publicly available COLLADA tool on collada.org.

It’s all good