3D hardware acceleration on phones?


I am just starting a 3D project for Brew mobile phones (mainly LG vx8000).

I am interested in using OpenGL ES (already used OpenGL on a PC…) but there are a few things not clear about it :

_ Is there any phone on the market that proposes a “REAL” 3D hardware acceleration (a GPU i mean …) ? For example on Nokia Ngage or Series60 phones, there is no hardware accel …

_ If no, does that mean that OpenGL ES is “just” a 3D “software” rendering toolkit ?
(and that all its features can be recoded in Brew …)

_ If yes, where can I get a list of those hardware accelerated phones ? And what are the accelerated features available (Zbuffer, perspective correction, alpha, bilinear …) ?

Yes, there are hardware implementations availale. I am not sure though, which of them are already available in consumer end-devices in Europe. [Or to what extend drivers are avialable, i.e. the new Dell Axim Pocket PC has a 2700G accelerator, but the OpenGL ES driver still seems to be under development]. So you might need to get an early access/development kit from a GPU vendor.

The OpenGL ES specification (download from this side) lists the required features of an implementation.

Hope that helps,

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