3D Graphs: Good place to start?

I have been working through WebGL, and found some great tutorials on learningwebgl.com. They are good and slowly getting me up to speed, but I would like to explore creating a 3D scatter plot. I already some code to generate my matrix values with labels, etc. Here is a snippet of a matrix I generate using singular value decomposition:
Singular value decomposition - Wikipedia

      X                      Y                Z
[  1.82285955e-02   2.20609385e-02  -5.85005502e-03]
 [  3.64571909e-02   4.41218770e-02  -1.17001100e-02]
 [  1.59451969e-02  -2.45572177e-02  -1.56944686e-02]
 [  7.05088424e-03   1.22579963e-03   1.39319849e-01]
 [  1.86027297e-02  -2.86500873e-02  -1.83102133e-02]
 [  1.86027297e-02  -2.86500873e-02  -1.83102133e-02]
 [  1.16333275e-02  -1.69842343e-02   2.46107354e-02]
 [  2.49055400e-02  -2.00435916e-02   6.47591835e-03]

Each row in the matrix is an individual point I want to plot and label, and as you can see, it allows for negative values, so I may see data in 6 different quadrants. Any suggestions on how to start drawing a scatter plot graph like that and plotting the individual points?

Every example I see out there is about creating objects & shapes etc, but I am also interested in making a 3D graph that can be manipulated, pan, zoom, rotate, etc that cannot be done in most charting packages out there.

I figure I would need to draw a line on the X,Y,Z axis that intersects in the middle of the page, and make the min/max value on the tip of each line == to the min/max value of each corresponding column in my generated matrix. Finally plotting each row from the matrix within the grid.

Looking forward to any suggestions! :slight_smile:

I found this link to the old O3D sample code from 3 months before it became WebGL. So much changes on the nightly builds I don’t know if any of it will be relevant, or if they updated these samples anywhere.