3D Game Programming

How do I create gravitation without getting the player (or camera) to fall through the floor or walk through walls? Do I use glFeedback or glSelect to determin the distance to the nearest polygon surface?

This is really importing for me to create solid 3d games like HalfLife or Quake.

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Check out Collision Detection tutorials/articles at :
http://www.gamasutra.com http://www.flipcode.com http://www.gamedev.net

Notice that Collision detection as nothing to do with the 3D API you use.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you for the Collision Detection-links. It was helpful.

Did I forget to tell that I was using OpenGL as a 3D API for my game?

Well… I just found out that OpenGL supports the SELECTION that tells when ever a polygon intersect (or collide) with a giving viewing volume, the viewing volume does not have visible by the user!

The select-buffer and frame-buffer are seperate things.

I am able to define the viewing volume as a brick (glOrtho-function) that surrounds the player.

Now, when the viewing-volume (player) intersecs with any polygon, then I know that the player touches the ground/floor, and then I can stop the gravitational pull or compensate.

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