3D Game Enigne

Hello I would like to do a 3D game engine using Python to control Direct X, also use Python for Mackintosh PC’S the thie thing is I would like to program for H.O.T.A.S. joysticks as well as ordinary joysticks and forcefeeback, can thisbe done with python and where can I get some example code of how to do this please?

Sorry, but this question is unlikely to be answered here (a DirectX question - not even Direct3D, specifically - on an OpenGL board).

Yeah then how can I get to use H.O.T.A.S joysticks for Open GL then? and how would I be able to do a RAD engine for it ?

The GL in OpenGL stands for Graphics Library, so it has no capabilities for things like joysticks (and force feedback).
What Jared wanted to tell you was that you should ask your questions that has to do with Direct Input in another forum…this is OpenGL only, so totally wrong.

Take a look at SDL (www.libsdl.org) and have python bindings, i think. It integrates well with both directX and opengl.
Next time dont mention dx, except for insult it.

OK sorry if DX is a swearword on this forum .Ijust wish to make a3D game engine using Python as a scripting language