3D Fonts under Linux

Hello out there,
does anybody knows how to use Fonts with OpenGL in a 3D environment under Linux. I know the NEHE tutorials 14 + 15, but they are not ported to Linux :frowning: Guess cause it’s system specific.

Two ways I’m aware of.
1)Get freetype 2.Read the documentation,load a truetype font, get the splines of the glyphs you’re interested in and finally tesselate them to create meshes.
2)Let FTGL do all of the above(and more) for you.

Something tells me you’re gonna opt for curtain number two.Unless you’re the adventurous type.But then you should write code to load ttfs as well.

thanks for your help, but I don’t wanted to use a library, but to figure it out on my own.
So I used a bitmap with all letters included and read each one into a display list. Then I could use them as a texture and put it on a quad to display it. That’s all … but thanx anyway :wink:

I though you wanted the fonts themselves to be 3d.The nehe tutorial for the technique you implemented is ported to linux(and is not platform-specific)

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