3d fonts on linux

Does anyone know how to create 3d fonts under linux, in a 3d space?


Note sure what you mean.

Maybe you mean:

  • create 3D models of letters
  • display said models.

If so, well, that’s what you do … make some models and render them

maybe it: http://pph.newmail.ru/ ?

I want to create them dynamically on the fly within my application, from truetype outlines… not bitmap files. Basically, I want to set up a input box for text and let the user choose the font/bevel/extrusion…

any thoughts?

Thanks, I think you solved it here!!! Very cool, been looking for this for a long time!

I am unable to gltt to work. aparently they abandoned development a while ago, and my system is quite up todate, anywhere else I can get some source code?


Theres also a project called GLF, but it uses its own font files, much simpler than gltt though

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