3d Fire effect

If someone have idea on how to create a relatively realistic 3d fire effect i would like to have some information. I don’t need the code juste the basic. Thanks!

It’s called a particle system, there are some tutorials on the subject. Look in flipcom.com

I think he means http://www.flipcode.com

Yes, that’s a good place to start.

Null need to complicate with particles
A simple texture decomposed in some images ,the texture is then read by part
and applied on the viewport in Billboarding
The result is to the author of the best games (incomming)
If you want,I can send you a simple example that I have realized me even(with VisualC++6.0)


Eddy i accept your offers. You can send me your example by e-mail if you want. (cymon.tremblay@videotron.ca) and thanks you very much!