3D Exploration

Ok, I have downloaded 3D Exploration, I have converted a model into CPP code, now, how do I use this code? Also, all my programs are in C, not C++, will this somehow prevent me from using the CPP exported file?

I am so far able to export the model to the cpp file, then use the vertex array to draw a wire mesh of the model with OpenGL, but how do I do things such as include texture co-ordinates? Does anybody know of a good site for reference about 3D Exploration?

u can include the generated c file into your IIRC project + use the data as a display list.
i used a model generated with that program in one of the examples on my site (profile) nv_fog_range extension. perhaps the source is useful

Thats exaclty where I got the idea to use 3D Exploration, from your example zed, I think it was yer env map demo tho, with the bauul model…

Is it possible to create a terrain using a 3D MAX like tool and use it as a terrain in a game? would that be inefficient in some way? Because this way I could specify exactly all the vertices and all, unlike with a fractal terrain or heightmap…