3d engine

I think, OpenGl is great! You easily can create 3d objects, rotate, translate them and so on. So I think it’s not that difficult to create a !simple! 3D-engine, lets say kinda labyrinth to crawl through.

But how are those real engines created? E.G. the very fabolous unreal engine? Doesthe unreal engine make use of glVertex? It’s difficult for me to imagine!
And eben if, why are some of these engine wich base on OpenGl slower than others, if they all base on OpenGL?


Christian, darkdreamer

OpenGL is just a low level graphics api, it has no say in how fast the higher level code of the game engine is.

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I also doubt very much that Unreal or Half-Life use glVertex. They most likely use structures such as arrays of vertices,normals,texture coords, etc… and send them to routines like glDrawElements() and glDrawArrays(). These are MUCH faster. Not to mention it makes your code easier to read IMHO.