3D Editor supporting Collada attributes like skinning

Hi !

I’m looking for a 3D editor which would have possibility to import/export Collada files and would be able to load and save some advanced properties like:

  • skinning - I mean vertex weights / groups and assign them to nodes or bones
  • vertex color paint
  • node or bone frame animation

Please, do you know about editor that would support these attributes ? So far I was trying Blender 2.45 / 2.49b / 2.50 latest alpha but its importer / exporter is not handling all these attributes, and its quite bad at writing DAE files, it fails quite often without any reasonable error message.

I have tried Lightwave 9.6 but it does not import Collada at all.

Do you know about any 3D editor that would support Collada format quite well ? Any experience with 3DS Max and its plugins please ?