3d axis problem

Can i use opengl for extracting samples
(points) on to 3d axis and how (Can i use 3x3 matrix to represent those points?)? This is for my project which title is Data Acquisition.
Are there any source files or help?
The program that i am building is in C++ in DOS.

Emmanouil Hatjissavvas

OpenGL in DOS? You might be able to do something with the Mesa3d library. I haven’t looked at that, so I’m not even sure that it can be compiled for DOS. Is there a reason for using DOS vs. a Win32 console/app?

Yes the original program is built in dos so i have to improve it , and still make it in dos i know this is a bit sad.

I’m not sure that I understand what you mean by “extracting samples onto 3d axis,” but if you just wanted to use OpenGL for the matrix stuff, you might be able to find some plain matrix classes written in C++. If you understand much about matrix math, it wouldn’t be too hard to write your own.

By exacting i mean taking random samples from a source , than pass them through a Fourier Transform algorithm and then represent them on to 3d axis. So the points are different each time the program will run and this depends from the source (what kind of signals it receives.)

Please give a tip, help

Ok. I’m not familiar with Fourier Transform algorithms, but I get the general idea of what you want. The only suggestion I can give you is to look at Mesa3d. (http://www.mesa3d.org) You won’t be able to use the MS implementation of OpenGL, because that requires you to create a window in one form or another in order to initialize it. Obviously, you can’t do that with plain old DOS programming. I haven’t looked at Mesa, but from what I understand it is an OpenSource software rasterizer that uses OpenGL commands. You might be able to do something with it to make it work with DOS. Actually… I just made a quick check on their page.

All you need is an ANSI C compiler and the X development environment to use Mesa. Others have contributed drivers for the Amiga, Apple Macintosh, BeOS, NeXT, OS/2, MS-DOS, VMS, Windows 9x/NT, and Direct3D.

OpenGL requires a 32 bit OS, unless you can get DOS running 32 bit, you may be out of luck.

Use a 32-bit DOS extender like DOS4GW.

if you are using DJGPP compiler, afaik, it has a dos extender to run the programms under windows.

thanks , i looked at MESA3d, it has a dos library for DJGPP so i will try it. Neverthe less does anyone knows a good site for data acquisition?