3d animation software

This is not a programming related question.
I just need some opinions from you guys on learning 3d animation software packages(ie. maya, softimage, etc)
i am very interested in computer graphics and trying to improve my skills in openGL.
Is it also worth learning 3d animation software packages? if it is, in a what way??
i know that there is a way to import the graphics to openGL. so what do you think?
Should I try to learn the 3d animation software?

I think that using a 3D animation package can dramatically increase your knowledge of how 3D works, but in general most worthwhile projects will be large enough that a dedicated artist and programmer will be needed.

Download the free Milkshape 3D and play around with it. You may learn a lot and be able to apply those skills to OpenGL. But at the same time, mastering either 3D modelling or OpenGL is a lifelong process; mastering both takes longer than that.

MS3D-> http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/ms3d/download.html

totally agreed with above opinion.the 3d animation application has steep learning curve and make average complex 3d model take up so much time. Focusing on either 3d animation or opengl dev would be better in the begining.