2D view of a 3D environment

Hi, I have created a project where devices (represented as Cubes) is overlay ontop of a 3d Mesh. What i want to do is to view each Mesh plane (such as along the X - Y planes) to see where each devices are located. Something like a blueprint for lights. The problem i am running into is how to transform the 3D world into 2D meshplanes? Thanks for your help.

I don’t realy understand what you mean by “meshplanes”.
What about a simple orthographic projection obtainable with gluOrtho* ?

[ www.trenki.net | vector_math (3d math library) | software renderer ]

I am sure to understand correctly what you want to do.
Can you draw a picture of what you have in mind ?

A suggestion : to flatten a wireframe mesh, do a glScale(1,1,0) ie to have a X/Y only plane.

Here is an image of my Mesh Cube
The Red lines are the Mesh Wireframe
THe teal lines are the Lattice wireframe
the white square things are my devices
I have it in 3d but I do not know how can I make it 2D (I want to be able to switch it back and forth) Should I make an if statement inside my windows init / resize function to select either 2D or 3D?

What I really want is to go through each X-Y Lattice plane and view what is located on this plane.

Edit: GLscale flattens all the planes into one. how can I set the depth of the planes?

Edit: okay playing around with glortho I got some sort of wireframe view but it is stretch now without my aspect ratio. Is there a function that keeps my aspect ratio when I rescale window? (I cant use glperspective now cause it will screw up glortho. I think)

Edit: OKAY I actually got it working. Thanks for your help